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How to beat Panic Attacks in Three Easy Steps called the 3 S's

posted Nov 02, 2010 11:23:14 by EddieMHughes
How to stop yourself from having a Panic attack in 3 mins and 3 easy steps called the 3 S's.........

First S, Safe thoughts.......Are you Safe? If the building is on fire than Panicking is ok and will prob save your life by sending adrenalin to your mussels to get out quicker, we call this the fight or flight response.....
If your not in a fire and you appear to be safe but your heart is beating and your hands are sweaty and your mouth is dry YOU are not going mad but are having a what's called Panic Attack.
The good news is once you know that and that it's although uncomfortable it will not too any damage to you and will pass in a short 5 - 10 mins.....
So how to you get it down to 3 mins..... Practice twice a day breathing, and relaxation / medicating techniques...

1) Safe Thoughts, "I'm ok I'm just having a moment and will be fine in 5 mins"

2) Still Body, JDN......Just Do Nothing! Don't run to FB, Don't Ring your Friend, Don't run outside for Air. JDN, Sit down and ground yourself, grip the ground with your toes, Still Body = Still Mind, and that's what's panicking your mind...

3) Slow Breathing...... First Breath out, as if you were blowing up a big Yellow Smiley Ballon ... (and if you want to bring the balloon into the exam hall just tell the head master I said it's ok) Then slowly breath in ( now it's now the amout of air that's important but the caps between the breaths. So you want min of 5 secs, and count them 1,2,3,4,5

There might be a forth but I never really got it.............

And that's it...........................................Eddie

Here's also a Very Well explained program about Panic Attacks

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